Otis Tactical Cleaning System


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What started in a shoe polish tin called The Whole Kit & Caboodle® Otis has engineered into the most popular firearm cleaning system on the market today. The world famous Tactical Cleaning System was engineered for the shooter who has a variety of firearms. The Tactical Cleaning System is equipped to clean all rifles pistols shotguns and in-line muzzleloaders. It has the essential tools to clean rifles .17 to .50 caliber handguns .17 to .50 caliber shotguns .410 to 12/10 gauge and all in-line muzzleloaders. The system includes three Memory-Flex® cleaning rods with over 750 lb tensile strength three slotted brass tips two obstruction removers to knock out obstructions such as mud snow or even a stuck bullet or case a T-handle bar for added comfort .5 oz. tube of Otis O85® Ultra Bore® cleaner lubricant and preservative all-caliber cotton cleaning patches for .223 caliber and larger small caliber patches for .17 to .223 caliber shotgun brush adapter and rubber Patch Savers® to get 360 degree coverage in your shotgun barrels six high quality bore brushes and a bore reflector/flag safety. Protect your investments; use Otis.

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Dimensions 10.65 × 10.6 × 3.1 in