1851 NAVY OVAL TG 7.5 Inch .36

Cimarron 1851 Navy with Oval Trigger guard Revolver


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By far the most famous cap and ball six-shooter of all the 1851 Navy could easily be called the “Percussion Peacemaker.” From the moment it was introduced in 1850 this .36 caliber revolver was sought after by those hardy adventurers who needed a reliable handgun. From the Mother Lode country of California to the plains of “Bleeding Kansas” the ’51 Navy made its mark as a well-balanced six-shooter. Favored by cavalrymen on both sides of the Civil War the Navy was also packed by such famed frontiersmen as John Wesley Hardin the James Younger Gang the Pawnee scouts and none other than the “Prince of Pistoleers” James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok. With nearly a quarter of a million produced up until 1873 the 1851 Navy did more to make the West wild than any other sixgun of its time!

Cimarron’s 1851 Oval Navy with its comfortable and authentic oval trigger guard is a spitting image of the real deal from its rich blue and color case hardened finish or Cimarron’s unique “Original Finish” the roll engraved naval battle scene depicted on the unfluted cylinder the handsome 7 1/2-inch octagon barrel and its attractive varnished one-piece walnut stocks right down to its period bead front sight and notched hammer rear sight this is one good looking smooth handling black powder smokewagon!


  • Caliber: .36
  • Barrel Length: 7-1/2 in.
  • Style: Case Hardened Frame Brass Backstrap and Brass Triggerguard
  • Frame: Case Hardened
  • Finish: Standard Blue / Charcoal Blue / Original Finish
  • Grip: 1 Piece Walnut
  • Overall Length: No
  • Weight: 2.72 Lbs.

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