Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker – AR Gunlocker XL RFID


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This gunlocker provides the same convenience and tamper-proof security as our other rifle RAPiD® Safes but in a fully enclosed design. Its front-end spring loaded door makes it a perfect companion under a bed in the back of an SUV or mounted in a closet. Foam inserts accommodate up to two tactical length rifles and/or shotguns.

RFID technology allows instant access with tags that are programmed specifically for each safe. RFID tags include wristbands key fobs and decals. The tag for the wristband is located in the buckle for easy use. The decals can be adhered to plastic glass metal wood ? nearly any surface. Many people choose to adhere them to their mobile phone.

By using RFID technology there?s no need to find a key register a fingerprint or remember a combination. Plus the RFID-enabled device can be programmed to read up to five different tags.

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Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 15.25 × 10 in