Troy Micro Set - M4 Front & Dioptic Rear -BLK

Troy Industries Micro Sight Set – M4 Front & Dioptic Rear -Black




Troy BattleSights? set the world standard for performance and durability. Now Troy has developed a rugged low-profile sight designed for firearms with top rails higher than the standard M4. For shooters who favor a sightline that?s as close to the barrel as possible or for those with raised top rail systems the Troy Micro BattleSight provides an ideal solution.

/p>The Troy Micro BattleSight greatly enhances weapons such as the new IAR the Sig Sauer 556® Pistol and Carbine POF 416® FN Scar® Robinson Armament XCR® Heckler & Koch 416® & 417® and other weapons with raised top rails. Troy Micro BattleSights are rugged reliable and BattleReady?.